Alice Cooper - Fields Of Regret chords


G D/F# Em
G D/F# Em
G D/F#


Em F#m G Em (lead guitar Dsus2,Em7 slide) Forever, I'll enjoy you undertaking
Em F#m G Em Come to see you every day, now, if I can
Em Bm G F# Is it not the time for everybody?
G A Em I still wake on the fields of regret
Em F#m G Em (Dsus 2 Em7 slide)There is something to this dream we're all involved in
Em F#m Em Bm G F#Can I see it? Can I say it may exist?
Em F#m Em Bm G F#Why then don't the night show really matters
G A Em If we dwell in the fields of regret?
(Blues Harp solo jam/guitar solo) Em Jam Em Bm Em F#m (repeated) (bass and guitar part no chords) What horror must invade the mind When the approaching judge shall find Sinful deeds from all mankind? (soling interlude) Em Bm Em F#m Bm
Em F#m G Em With death and nature in surprise
Em F#m Em Bm G F#Behold the wretched sinners rise
G A Em To meet the judge's searching eyes
Em F#m Em Bm G F#And when the doomed no more can flee
Em F#m Em Bm G F#From the flames of misery
G A Em Assist me while I die
Em F#m Em Bm G F#Wander through those ever thoughts though if imagined
Em F#m Em Bm G F# But come down on, it's so easy to resist
G D/F#Rest me, hide my years upon the planet
F#m GSound another, no part over, won't forget
G D/F# EmWhen we laugh at the fields of regret
Ending: G D F#
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