Alice Cooper - Return Of The Spiders chords

You Repeat the same sequence
pretty much the whole song

Intro:  F5 (F power chord) with
bass guitar notes: (F-Eb-C-F-Eb-C)...

F5..... Well, stop, look, and listen
There are ants that are gathered here With my hands raised to speak (C-Bb/C)
F5But you all won't hear
No, you all won't hear (C-Bb/C)We all won't hear
F5..... (C-Bb/C)Let me in your living door
Let me in, knock knock I said, who's there Well, it's me the reaching hand And I'm coming after you I'm coming after you Coming after you (guitar soloing)
E5..... (A-G/A)Well, I'm tired, yes, I'm weary from my long journey
But I'm not yet all ready to rest
E5......... (A-G/A)For you can come along with me
We go searching for rest, yes Come on and search with me Oh, search with me
E5 (A-G/A)Woah, search with me
Come on and search with me Woah woah, come on and search with me, oh F5
Come on and search with me (C Bb C)Come on and search with me, with me
Come on and search with me Right, you wanna hear play back? Yeah, alright
E5(keep the same pattern of chords throughout,
only changing power chords from F5 to E5to G5 and keep it going until finally ending on G5)
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