Alice Cooper – Hello Hooray tab

Song: Hello, Hooray
Artist: Alice Cooper
Album: Billion Dollar Babies
Composer: Rolf Kempf
Tabbed by Boomsy "Dandy" Dan

I tabbed the intro previously, then the next day I figured out the rest just
playing everyday chords. I would have modified my first one but I can't because
I didn't bother to become a member. This is most of the song. It includes the
intro, chorus, and the solo (the best I could figure it out.) Some notes in the
intro are played the same way at one part in the song again. It may not be the
whole song but maybe this can start somebody off to try to figure out the whole
thing, so if you can, please do. And if you want to rip it off or call it your
own work then, what the hell, I don't care.

Standard tuning

Intro: I'm pretty sure two guitars play in the intro but this is the main part.
I think the 2nd guitar plays lower notes of a similar pattern. It sounds a bit
better if you slightly bend the strings on a few notes.

Chorus: I tried to match some of the chords to your everyday chords and they sound the same but you can be the judge of that. Personally, they sound alike but im not 100% sure. Just listen for the timing when "I___'ve been waiting so long..." is sung. For the 2nd chorus play G-G-F-G-C-G-G-F-G-C-G-G-F-F-G-C
G G F G C G G F F G C G G F G C G C C Ee-|-3--3--1--3--0--3--3--1--1--3--0--3--3--1--3--0--3--0--0--0---------------|B-|-3--3--1--3--1--3--3--1--1--3--1--3--3--1--3--1--3--1--1--0---------------|G-|-0--0--2--0--0--0--0--2--2--0--0--0--0--2--0--0--0--0--0--1---------------|D-|-0--0--3--0--2--0--0--3--3--0--2--0--0--3--0--2--0--2--2--2---------------|A-|-2--2-----2--3--2--2--------2--3--2--2-----3--3--2--3--3--2---------------|E-|-3--3-----3-----3--3--------3-----3--3-----3-----3------------------------|
Solo: (2:38 approx.) (slowly slide into it and at 5/12/17 pick 5 slide to 12, pick 12 slide to 17, and pick 17 and I think you might want to bend the strings quick and slightly up and down for a better sound on the high notes which might not be the right notes, but close enough.)
So that's it, if you can figure out the verses tab 'em. Enjoy!
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