Alice Donut - Egg tab

Egg - Alice Donut
Verse 1
When I was a child, I was so well fed I was, smothered with affection
When I was a child, I was content, so well adjusted
Then I stuck my head out and I immediately knew
This was not more me!
D C# B D C# B G# C# G# C# BE|-----------------------------------------------| (x3)B|-----------------------------------------------|G|-7---6---4---7---6---4-------6-------6---4-----|D|-7---6---4---7---6---4---6---6---6---6---4-----|A|-5---4---2---5---4---2---6---4---6---4---2-----|E|-------------------------4-------4-------------|
Such a mess, Such a mess
G# C# B G# C# BE|--------------------------| (x1)B|--------------------------|G|-----6---4-------6---4----|D|-6---6---4---6---6---4----|A|-6---4---2---6---4---2----|E|-4-----------4------------|
Pre Chorus Your flesh and contempt and stress starts to grow, As you clutch on the rest your alone!
A# F# A# F#E|------------------| (x2)B|------------------|G|-3-------3--------|D|-3---4---3---4----|A|-1---4---1---4----|E|-----2-------2----|
Chorus Something has come between us. EGG!
C# A E B E|--------------------------| (x2)B|--------------------------|G|-6-------9---4------------|D|-6---7---9---4------------|A|-4---7---7---2------------|E|-----5--------------------|
Just play through again and listen to the song for the rhythym! Thanks x
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