Alice In Chains - Angry Chair tab

This is from the unplugged CD. I hope it helps. Its a little different than the "plugged" version

Obviously You dont need distortion for this song. So its acoustics.
Tune down 1/2 step for whole song

Intro and played throughout verse----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2----2b------------0-----0------------
The heavy part. Hammer all these on except the last 3/5/5 part--------------------------------------------------------------------------7-7-7-7-777-7--5--------7-7-7-7-777-7--5--------5-5-5-5-555-5--3------
The slower part that starts off "I dont mind"--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7-7-9--9-9-4-4-5-5-7-7-9--9-9-2-------x-3b--7-7-9--9-9-4-4-5-5-7-7-9--9-9-2-------x-----5-5-7--7-7-2-2-3-3-5-5-7--7-7-0-------x---
This is pretty much it. For Comments or questions Email me Enjoy this.
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