Alice In Chains - Swing On This tab

Alice In Chains  Swing On This.
Tabbed by Alex "AGV" Vera
I was surprised that nobody had done the guitar for this song so I figured I'd do it.

Guitar tuning: Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb
Bass tuning: Eb Ab Db Gb
/=slide down
Opening Bass
While the bass is playing that in the intro the guitar does this.
Guitar verse
Repeat what the bass and guitar do during the verse and then go to the chorus.
Bass chorus|-----4-5/-------4-5-4-------4-5/-------4-5-4-||---4----------4-----------4----------4-------||---------------------------------------------| x2|-2----------2-----------2----------2---------|
Acoustic does not play in the chorus Electric guitar chorus
|---------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------||-----4-5~-------4-5-4-------4-5~-------4-5-4-||---4----------4-----------4----------4-------| x2|---------------------------------------------||-2----------2-----------2----------2---------|
And then go back to the verse Lyrics Verse: Mother said come home Father said come home Sister said come home So my friend said come home And I said Chorus: Let me be I'm allright Can't you see I'm just fine Little skinny okay I'm asleep anyway Verse: Then I heard the voice Said son you have a choice I then slapped my face Chorus: Let me be I'm okay I'm awake anyway It's too bright over here I can shift and I'll steer Little skinny okay I'm asleep anyway To jam this song the right way you gotta groove with it. It's a great swing blues song so have fun with it.
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