Dont Follow chords with lyrics by Alice In Chains - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Alice In Chains – Dont Follow chords

D  O  N  '  T     F  O  L  L  O  W - Alice in Chains 

(Most of the song is picked, 'cept for Part 2, but this is the easiest way to play the song)

VERSE 1 -  
D G A D G Aheyyyy, I ain't never coming home
heyyyy, I'll just wander my own road heyyyy, I can't meet you here tomorrow
A G Asay goodbye don't follow
D G Amisery so hollow
D G A VERSE 2 heyyyy, you, you're living life full throttle heyyyy, you, pass me down that bottle heyyyy, you, you can't shake me 'round now
A G Aget so lost and don't know how
D let ring yeah, it hurts to carry on now 2nd Part A D (x4) VERSE 3
Aforgot my woman, lost my friends
Dthings I'd done and where I'd been
sleep in sweat, the mirror's cold see my face, it's growing old scared to death, no reason why do whatever to get me by think a-bout the things I've said read the page it's cold and dead
A D and take me home
yeah, take me home, ohhh take me home take me home yeah take me home yeah A let ring
OUTRO: G A D say goodbye don't follow.
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