Alice In Chains – Rotten Apple Riff tab

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From: (Zet van t TM)

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Riff of "Rotten apple" from the Alice in Chains album Jar of Flies
Tab attempt by Mark van 't Zet (

I don't really know what the riff is played on, or in which tuning,
but I suspect it's something like a 5-string acoustic bass. Something
worth a good discussion I think.. 
I just did two versions: One for an acoustic guitar (which sounds
quite nice) and one for a..

  5-string bass

G -----------------------------------------------------------D -----------------------------------------------------------A --------2--------------------2-----------2-----------0h2---E ------0---0----5-----------0---0----5------3--0--2h3-------B --3h5-------3--3-----3-3h5-------3--3----------------------
E -------------------------------------------------B -------------------------------------------------G -------------------------------------------------D -------------------------------------------------A --------2-----0-----------2-----0--2---------0h2-D --0h2-2---2-0-0---0-0h2-2---2-0-0----5-2-4h5-----
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