Alicia Keys - Prelude To A Kiss tab

  Asus2:  x02200
  Dmaj7:  xx0222
    D:    xx0232
    E:    022100
    A:    577655
    G     355433
   F#m    244222
    F:    133211


Amaj7 Gmaj7 F#m7 Fmaj7e|---4-7-5-4---------2-3-2----2---0-----0-----0-----------------------------|B|---5-------5-------3----3-------2------2----1-1---------------------------|G|---6---------6-----4------4-----2---2---2---2----2------------------------|D|-----------------------------------4----------------3---------------------|A|---0----------------------------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------3------------2-----------1-----------------------------|
Asus2 Dmaj7 (4) Asus2 Dmaj7 Sometimes I feel Asus2 Dmaj7 Like I donít belong anywhere Asus2 Dmaj7 And itís gonna take so long Asus2 Dmaj7 For me to get somewhere D Sometimes I feel E So heavy hearted D But I canít explain E Cuz Iím so guarded A G F#m But thatís a lonely road to travel A G F#m And a heavy load to bare A G F#m And itís a long, long way to heaven F E But I gotta get there Asus2 Dmaj7 Can you send an angel? Asus2 Dmaj7 Can you send me an angel? Asus2 Dmaj7 Asus2 Dmaj7..... To guide me
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