Alicia Keys – You Dont Know My Name tab

   Bm7:   x24232
   Db7:   x46464
   Amaj7: x02120
   E7sus: 022230

verse pattern:(strum the chords)

Bm7 Bm7e|------------2------------------------------------------2--------------|B|------------3------------------------------------------3--------------|G|------------2------------------------------------------2--------------|D|---4-2-0----4-------------------------------4--2-0-----4--------------|A|---------4--2---------------------------------------4--2--------------|E|----------------------------------------------------------------------| baby baby baby from the day I saw you
Chorus pattern:(strum chords) Db7e|------------------------------------4----|B|------------------------------------6----|G|------------------------------------4----|D|------------------------------------6----|A|------------------------------------4----|E|-----------------------------------------| I really really want to catch your eye...etc
Amaj7 Bm7 Db7e|----------------------0---------------------------2-----------4-----------|B|----------------------2---------------------------3-----------6-----------|G|----------------------1---------------------------2-----------4-----------|D|----------------------2---------4---2-----0-------4-----------6-----------|A|----------------------0-----------------------4---2-----------4-----------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|...And it feels like oooooo you don't know my name I swear
Bm7 Baby, baby, baby From the day I saw you Db7 I really really want to catch your eye Bm7 There's something special 'bout you I must really like you Db7 Cause not a lotta guys are worth my time Bm7 Ooo baby, baby, baby It's gettin kind of crazy Db7 'Cause you are takin' over my mind (CHORUS) Amaj7 And it feels like oooooo Bm7 you don't know my name Db7 Amaj7 I swear it feels like ooooo Bm7 You don't know my name Db7 (round and round and round we go, will you ever know) Bm7 Oh baby baby baby I see us on our first date Db7 You're doin everything that makes me smile Bm7 And when we had our first kiss It happened on a Thursday Db7 Ooooo it set my soul on fire Bm7 Ooo baby baby baby I can't wait for the first time Db7 My imagination's runnin wild chorus... Amaj7 "I'm sayin, he don't even know what he's doin' to me Bm7 I'm feelin' all crazy inside I'm feelin like" E7sus Owww! Ooooo Oooooo Amaj7 Doin more than I've ever done for anyone's attention Bm7 Take notice of what's in front of you E7sus Cause did I mention you're 'bout to miss a good thing Amaj7 And you'll never know how good it feels to have all of my affection Bm7 E7sus And you'll never get a chance to experience my lovin' Amaj7 Cause my lovin' feels like ooooooo Bm7 Db7 You don't know my name...............
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