Alicia Keys – Caged Bird tab

                "Caged Bird"
          (from Songs in A Minor)
                 Alicia Keys

General Tab Structure:
(I play it with the Hendrix type chord with my thumb on the low E string):

Ab Gb F Right now I feel like a bird Ab Gb F Caged without a key Ab Gb F Everyones comes stearing me Ab Gb F With so much joy and revelry
Bbm Ab Eb*e-|--------------------------------------------|b-|--------------6-----4-----8-----------------|g-|--------------6-----5-----8-----------------|D-|--------------8-----6-----8-----------------|A-|--------------------------6-----------------|E-|---3-4---5----6-----4-----------------------|
Bbm Ab Eb They don't know how I feel inside Bbm Ab Eb Through my smile I cry Bbm Ab Eb They don't know what they do to me Bbm Ab Eb Keeping me from flyin' (Thats why I say that) Ab Gb F I know why the caged bird sings Bbm Ab Eb Only joy comes from song Ab Gb F She's so rare and beautiful to others Bbm Ab Eb Why not just set her free Ab Gb F So she can fly, fly, fly Ab Gb F Spreadin' her wings and her song Ab Gb F Let her fly, fly, fly Bbm Ab Eb For the whole world to see [interlude] Ab Gb F Ab Gb F Ab Gb F She's like a caged bird Ab Gb F Fly fly Ab Gb F Oh, she's a little fly, She's a little fly, She's a little fly Ab Gb Fmaj7** Spread wings, Spread beauty * you may want to try varying the Eb by using x6888x, x6534x, or 3x134x ** you may want to finger the Fmaj7 with 1x221x, x 8 10 9 10 x, or x8755x Tips: Watch the third verse, since it alternates between the two chord progressions, you want to use the two lead-ins alternatively during that verse. tabbed by pianoboy3333 Send comments, questions, and complaints to
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