Alicia Keys – If I Aint Got You chords


G EmSome people live for the fortune
Am7 D7Some people live just for the fame
G ESome people live for the power yeah
Am DSome people live just to play the game
Gmaj7 Am B# AmSome people think that the physical things
Gmaj7 Am B#Define what's within
Gmaj7 AmI've been there before
B# AmBut that life's a bore
Gmaj7 Am B#So full of the superficial
Cmaj7Some people want it all
B#But I don't want nothing at all
AmIf it ain't you baby
Gmaj7If I ain't got you baby
Cmaj7Some people want diamond rings
B#Some just want everything
AmBut everything means nothing
Gmaj7If I ain't got you
G EmSome people search for a fountain
Am7 D7Promises forever young
G ESome people need three dozen roses
Am DAnd that's the only way to prove you love them
Gmaj7 Am B# AmHand me the world on a silver plater
Gmaj7 Am B#And what good would it be
Gmaj7 AmNo one to share
Gmaj7 Am B#No one who truly cares fo me
Chorus Some people... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ummm . . . sorry if there is anything wrong here this is just my firs try =)) hope you like it =)) sorry for the mistakes =)
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