Alien Ant Farm - Orange Appeal tab

Artist: Alien Ant Farm
Title: Orange Appeal
Album: ANThology
Transcribed by: _six_

This is a simple song, but it’s a bit boring without the other instruments used on the record.

Intro:e ----1--------1-----0------------------------|B -0--------0-----------3-----3--3------------|G --------------------------------------------|D --------------------------------------------|A ----1--------1------------------------------|E -0--------0--------3--2-----1--2------------|You play this 2 times before the vocals and other instrumentscome in.Then you play it another 9 times. So that’s 11 in total.
And then you play this:e -5--5----5—5h6—4h5-4-4----5--5--------------|B --------------------------------------------|G --------------------------------------------|D --------------------------------------------|A --------------------------------------------|E --------------------------------------------|
“Will you just bend..” Repeat it 3 times and then you do this:
e -5--5----5—5h6—4h5-4-----5-------------------|B ----------------------------5-------6--------|G ---------------------------------------------|D ---------------------------------------------|A ---------------------------------------------|E ---------------------------------------------|
At the end you play the intro 2 more times. So that’s the song.
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