Alison Krauss - There Is Life chords version 1

Alisson Kraus
There is Life

Hello everyone,
This is my second Tab and urm… yeah, I know it still isn’t good everywhere… ‘cause 
I don’t know much chords… but I hope you enjoy. And if you see something wrong: 
let me know! (Or let just know what you think about it.)

C GUnder the snow
CBeneath the frozen streams
Dsus4 DThere is life
C GYou'll have to know
CWhen nature sleeps she dreams
Dsus4 DThere is life
AAnd the colder the winter
DThe warmer the spring
AThe deeper the sorrow
DThe more our hearts sing
AEven when you can't see it
DInside everything
G D GThere is Life...
Dsus4 DOh....
After the rain The sun will reappear There is life After the pain The joy will still be here There is life For it's out of the darkness That we learn to see And out of the silence That songs come to be And all that we dream of Awaits patently There is life There is life
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