Alison Krauss - That Kind Of Love chords version 1

FWho would sell their soul for love?
COr waste one tear on compromise
GShould be easy enough
CTo know a heartache in disguise
GmBut the heart rules the mind
C FAnd the going gets rough
GPride takes the fall
CWhen you find that kind of love
FI can't help feeling like a fool
CSince I lost that place inside
GWhere my heart knew its way
CAnd my soul was ever wise
GmOnce innocence was lost
C FThere was not faith enough
GStill my heart held on
CWhen it found that kind of love
Bm EmThough beauty is rare enough
Am DmStill we trust
C FSomehow we'll find it there
Bm EmWith no guarantee
Am DmIt seems to me
G CAt least it should be fair
FBut if it's only tears and pain
CIsn't it still worth the cost
GLike some sweet saving grace
COr a river we must cross
GmIf we don't understand
C FWhat this life is made of
GWe learn the truth
CWhen we find that kind of love
Gm'Cause when innocence is lost
C FThere is not faith enough
GWe learn the truth
CWhen we find that kind of love
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