Alison Krauss – A Living Prayer chords

Song: A Living Prayer                                                           by  
Alison Krauss
INTRO- D   A   E   A   E
A E7In this world I walk alone
A/C# D2 E7 AWith no place to call my home
E A A/C# D2But there’s one who holds my hand
A E7 A E7The rugged road through barren lands
A E7The way is dark the road is steep
A/C# D2 E7 ABut He's become my eyes to see
E A A/C# D2The strength to climb my griefs to bear
A E7 AThe Savior lives inside me there
E/G# F#m D2 AIn You're love___ I find release
E/G# F#m D2 E7A haven from my unbe - lief
A A/C# D2Take my life__ and let me be___
A E7 AA living prayer__ my God to Thee__
A E7In these trials of life I find
A/C# D2 E7 AAnother voice inside my mind
E7 A A/C# D2He comforts me___ and bids me live
A E7 AInside the love__ the Fa - ther gives
A A/C# D2(Take my life and let me be
A E7 Aa living prayer my God to Thee)
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