Alison Krauss – Scarlet Tide tab

Well, the proper version of this is a bit hard, and doesn't sound great on guitar,
so here it is in in they key of C instead of Bm.

It appears on the Cold Mountain soundtrack and was written by Elvis Costello.

Intro: C C! C! C x2

       C             F     C
When I recall his parting words 
           C       F
Must I accept his fate 
    G      C         F         G
Or take myself far from this place 
              C         F       C
I thought I heard a black bell toll 
          C        F
A little bird did sing 
 G           C 
Man has no choice 
      F        G     C
When he wants every thing 

       C       G               C
We'll rise above the scarlet tide 
       C                         F
That trickles down through the mountain 
       C            F     G       C
And separates the widow from the bride 

            C        F     C
Man goes beyond his own decision 
           C               F
Gets caught up in the mechanism 
       C                   G
Of swindlers who act like kings 
             C         F
And brokers who break everything 
             C           F      C
The dark of night was swiftly fading 
Close to the dawn of day 
 F            C               G         C
Why would I want him just to lose him again 

Chorus x2


C C! C! C x2

C! is a chord which I have no idea what to call it, but it just this. 032013
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