Alison Krauss - I Can Let Go Now tab

-Alison Krauss
-I can let go now

A pretty simple yet nice song:

C  x32010  
Am x02210
Em 022000   
F  133211
G  320003 or 355433
Dm xx0231

Basic pattern:|-----------0---------||--------0------------||-----0---------------||-(0)-----------------| <--Is played in Dm|-(0)-----------------| <--Is played in C and Am |-(0)-----------------| <--Is played in G and F and Em
So C will should look like this:|-----------0---------||--------1------------||-----0---------------||---------------------||--3------------------||---------------------|
Listen to the song to get the right timing! Capo 1st fret Intro: C Am C Am It was so C right Am C Am It was so wrong C Am C Almost at the same time Am C The pain and ache Am C Am A heart can take C Am C (strum and pause) No one really knows Am Em F But when the memories cling and take you G there Am G (just strum and pause) Till you no longer care C Am You can let go now C Am C Am C Am Itís not right for C me Am C Am To cling to you C Am C Somehow I just needed time Am C From what was to be Am C Am Itís not like me C Am C (strum and pause) To hold somebody down Am Em F But I was tossed high by love almost never G came down Am Only to land C F Where no love is found Em Dm G (just strum) And Iím no longer bound C Am I can let go now C Am C Am C (strum and end of song) This is how I play this song and I find it pretty flawless.. My first tab there you go!!! If you find any errors or thelike please email me at,
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