Alistair Griffin - Just Drive tab

This is tabbed with a video of Alistair playing the song himself since none of the 
current tabs were completely correct.

Tuning: Normal
Capo: 3rd fret

Basically you can hear the note on B|-3-| trough the song, so keep your third 
finger fixed in there through the picking and also the chords (variations of C, 
Em, G and D basically)

Intro: play 2 timesE|------------------|B|---3-----3-----3--|G|--0-0-----0---2-2-|D|-------------0----|A|-3-----2----------|E|--------3---------|
Verse: lines 1, 3, 4 There is a star that lights the road E|------------------------------------|B|---3----------3------------------3--|G|--0-0----------0----------------2-2-|D|-------------------------------0----|A|-3----------2-----------------------|E|-------------3----------------------|
Verse: line 2 Will it take me to the end well I don't knowE|--------------------------------------------|B|---3----------3----------3---------------3--|G|--0-0----------0----------0-------------2-2-|D|------------------------2--------------0----|A|-3----------2-------------------------------|E|-------------3---------0--------------------|
But for one last time I take this ride Chorus: (check chord diagrams for correct variations on C G Em D) C* G* Em* D
C* And just drive G* Em* D I wanna be the only one to make it to the light C* G* Em* D Take it to the edge where I have died a thousand times C* G* Em* And maybe I could be the one D C*G*D To ride into the setting sun tonight C* Just drive And continue with the 2nd verse. I personally like to play chords on verses after the fist chorus but kind of extremely muted and soft. Breathing out I breathe it in Broken down but I will live to fight again For one last time I'll take this ride And just drive Chorus There is a star that lights the road Will it take me to the end well I don't know Chorus Notes: In Sky F1 version, the line "Take it to the edge where I have died a thousand times" has been altered to "Take it to the edge where I have lived a thousand lives" In terms of interpretation, they're both good lines, you can mix them up even. Thank you, rate if you like / agree with this tab and you're very welcome to check out my own music at
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