Alistair Griffin – Ive Lived tab

[G]Take a [Em7]look at me and [Cadd9]tell me what you [D]find
[G]A drunken [Em7]fool, a lazy [Cadd9]womanising [D]swine
[G]Well maybe [Em7]so but you don't [Cadd9]know the life I've [D]had
[G]I've walked with [Em7]kings and lost it [Cadd9]all but hey I'm [D]glad

Cos when they [Cadd9]bring the news that [D]i was drinking [G]champagne When i [Em7]died
And [Cadd9]my sixth wife will [D]tell the gathered [G]crowds now please Don't [Em7]cry
You'll [Cadd9]see, my [D]friend

[G]I have [Em7]lived each [Cadd9]moment of each [D]day
[G]I have [Em7]lived, you [Cadd9]can't take that [D]away
I've lived, I've [Cadd9]died
I've laughed and [D]cried
I've cheated [G]and i've been [Em7]forgiven
but [Cadd9]most of [D]all i've lived

Cocktail shaker and book-maker are my friends                  
drink from dusk till dawn the laughter never ends 
You'll look at me and tell me that's no way to live
I reply now I gave it all I have to give

I have lived, I have died 
I have laughed and I have cried
I have loved, I have lost 
I've risked it all, I've payed the cost
Cos when they bring the news that i was drinking champagne when i died
And my sixth wife will tell the gathered crowds now please don't cry
You'll see, my friend

I have lived each moment of each day
I have lived, you can't take that away
I have lived each moment of each day
I have lived, they can't take that away
I've lived I've died
I've laughed and cried
Cheated and i've been forgiven
But most of all i have lived
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