Alistair Griffin - Angel By My Side tab

Capo 2nd G Em7 Cadd9 DE---------3--------|E---------3--------|E---------3--------|E-------------2----| B-----3-------3----|B-----3-------3----|B-----3-------3----|B-----3--------3---| G-------0---0---0--|G------0---0---0---|G-------0---0---0--|G--2---2---2----2--| D---0--------------|D---2--------------|D---2--------------|D--0---------------| A------------------|A-2----------------|A-3----------------|A------------------| E-3----------------|E------------------|E------------------|E------------------|
G In this life Em7 We all search for something Cadd9 Something good D And something oh so pure G Well I believe Em7 That if you find that one thing Cadd9 You must fight D For then you will be sure Cadd9 Could it be D That I have found an angel G I can see Em7 Heaven in your eyes Cadd9 In my soul D I never will be lonely G For there will be Em7 D An angel by my side There were times I never thought I'd make it Never dreamed I'd find someone like you Who'd be there When day's were at their darkest Watching over everything I do Chorus There will be An angel by my side Chorus
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