Alive In Wild Paint - Cold Spell chords

Tabbed by: Uriel Lopeze-mail:ulopez1@hotmail.comArtist: Alive in wild paintSong: Cold SpellTunnig: Standard
I really like this song its really cool and awsome. i was just playing arround with some notes and figured out its the chords for this song Im sorry i kinda got lazy at the bridge part but i put the chords there, i think u can find the timing out ----------------------------------COLD SPELL-------------------------------- Am G D C C
` E|-----0---------3---------2---------0---------0------| B|-----1---------3---------3---------1---------0------| G|-----2---------0---------2---------0---------0------| D|-----2---------0---------0---------2---------2------| A|-----0---------2---------x---------3---------2------| E|-----x---------3---------x---------x---------0------|
Verse I
Am G DMy dreams of breaking fevers, Lying on a deathbed
Am G DCrying at the mirror in momments of reflection
Am G Dnothing lasts forever its foolish to expect it
Am G DSurely as its leaving sometimes all were left is a...
G D Am CCold spell, casting over everything we felt
G D Am CWhen there's no one left to tell I keep it to myself, Wanting everything
Verse II
Am G DBack home, i dont have a back bone,
Am G DCan anyone remind of who i was a year ago
Am G D Before sad Love sounded better than the lack of
Am G DCause now im just alone
Bridge Em D Am <----- Reapeat it 4 times
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