Alkaline Trio - Fruit Please tab

this one is for the blood pact, may you live forever in our hearts.

piano intro, then..
you got to listen to the song for the rhythm, there are times in between each few notes 
strums muted.

how the hell did we get here....|-------------------------||-------------------------||----11--11--11--11--11---||----9---9---9---9---9----||-------------------------||-------------------------|
we've been walking in circles all night long..|---------------------------||---------------------------||----11--11--11--13--13-----||----9---9---9---11--11-----||---------------------------||---------------------------|
then this same patter continues for the next few versus. then, at the end, what he plays goes between these as follows:
he rotates between the 9/11 - 9/10 a few times.. listen to the live recordings on youtube for help on the rhythm, but as far as it goes, believe those are all correct.
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