Alkaline Trio - Fruit Please tab

Right, so this is a tab I worked out for the little intro part of Alkaline Trio's song
Please'. It's supposed to be on their upcoming album 'This Addiction' but possibly under
different name, I mean, who calls their song 'Fruit Please' anyway? I know Alk3 are 
but c'mon. Anyway besides the point, I worked this out from a live recording on
You should probably listen to it to work out the rhythm seeing as I am rubbish at 
my strums. The link is shown below. There's a little piano part at the beginning but I didn't 
that, seeing as this is ultimate-guitar, and not ultimate-piano.


Dm Bb Ce|--------------------------------|B|-666666666655566666666688866655-|G|-777777777777773333333355555555-| Play this a few times...D|--------------------------------|A|--------------------------------|E|--------------------------------|
Note: You can let the D string ring in the D minor based parts, I'm not sure if Skiba this in the video, but it works well. Repeat the riff a couple of times until the the rest the band come in, I think it's slightly different then but you can work it out for ;). Any corrections please leave in a comment, feedback is useful. Enjoy :).
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