Alkaline Trio – Fine Acoustic chords ver. 2

Fine (Acoustic) - Alkaline Trio - This Addiction
Standard Tuning (EADGBe)
Arranged/Tabbed By Jack Cookson (Torn Asunder)
This song can be found on the deluxe version of Alkaline Trio's new album,
'This Addiction'. 
Chords used:

Don't play the strings marked with an 'x'
A     (x02220)
Asus2 (xx7600)
D     (xx0232)
Dsus4 (xx0230)
F#m   (244222)
E (022100)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Main Riff
Asus2 F#me|------------------0----------------------------------------|B|---------0-----------------0-------------------2-----------|G|-----6--------6--------6--------6---6------2-------2---2---|D|--/7---7----7---7----7---7----7---7------4---4---4---4-----|A|-----------------------------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------------------------|
This is played at various points of the song by a second guitar, it's pretty easy to hear when. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Intro: Main riff x4 Chords come in after main riff is played twice for two more repeats. Asus2 F#m Dsus2 x2
Asus2It's gonna rain like this for days
F#m Dsus2I'm gonna drown in my old ways
Asus2 But I'm fine
F#m Dsus2 I'm fine
Asus2 It's gonna hurt like hell
F#m Dsus2When you pull back the hammer and fire
Asus2But I'm fine
F#m Dsus2 I'm fine
E You see a storm knocked out my super power
D Now I sleep through thunder showers
A EWake me when you learn to be cool
E DIf I'm the captain of this boat then all my shipmates are fools
AAnd all the the stars in the world couldn't help me
E D Steer my way out of this kiddy pool
Play main riff x2
Asus2 I'm gonna wake up from these dreams
F#m Dsus2With nightmares lined up on my street
Asus2 But I'm fine
F#m Dsus2 I'm fine
Asus2 Needed a hand to keep my head up
F#m Dsus2So you put hooks in both my ears
Asus2And I'm fine
F#m Dsus2 I'm fine
E DYeah, it's a chronic pain in my ass but no it's not a burden
A E It's ironic that I drink to make my insides stop hurting
E And it's love that gives me heartburn
D It's a song that makes my stomach turn
A E D A F#m DAnd I wouldn't trade my hand for all the aces in the deck
Asus2 F#m Dsus2'Cause I'm fine
Asus2 F#m Dsus2'Cause I'm fine
Asus2 I'm fine
F#m Dsus2 I'm fine
Asus2I'm fine
Play main riff for outro from the last Asus2 chord, and there you have it.
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