Alkaline Trio – Cringe chords

Alkaline Trio
1998 Vagrant Records
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Key: C

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
C    x32010
Em   022000
F    133211
G    320003 
Am   x02210


C  Em F  x4

Bass: C  C (hold)

Verse 1:
C Em F Wide eyed Knee deep in surprise
C Just below your thighs
Em Fthe temperature drops 5 degrees
Am (hold) Am C Em F x2 Your stand by flight has just arrived
Verse 2:
C Em F Tongue tied bleeding from your eyes
C Even Christ himself would cringe
Em Fat the sight of your scars
Am (hold) Am While you're counting your sheep
FI'll count my lucky stars
G(hold)You were the last good
thing I ever saw Chorus:
Am Em F G Am Em F G I lost it all
C Em F x4I lost it all
Verse 2:
C Burned out on 2
Em Fhours of shut eye
C Eyes glazed at the thought
Em Fof the next 8 hours
Am (hold) Am C Em F x2, Headwind cold rain to wake me
Am hold Am F G Interlude: C Am G F x2, C x4 C hold C hold F hold G hold Am hold Am Outro:
F G(hold) You were the last good
C(hold)thing I ever saw
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