Alkaline Trio – Exploding Boy tab

Tuning Standard:eADGBE

Alkaline Trio is my favorite Band ever
they're muisic has got me through hard
times and I love them for it. So this
Song that i tabbed means alot to me
and it shows how much of a dedicated fan to
them, And I chose this site Because this is
Where I learned how to play Guitar So THANX!!!

Tabbed by:D_Day

For the Intro figure out how many times to strum

E----------------|B----------------|G-------7--------|D---8---7---3----| x2A---8---5---3----|e---6-------1----|
Verse:figure out the same # of times to strum as the intro
Post Verse
E---------------------------|B---------------------------|G---------------------------|D---5-5-x--5-----3-3-x--3---| x3A---5-5-x--5-----3-3-x--3---|e---3-3-x--3-----1-1-x--1---|
E-----------------|B-----------------|G---3-------------|D---3-------------| x1 Figure out # of times to strum for this partA---1-------------|e-----------------|
well thats pretty much it Please send corrections to Thanx Hope you enjoy Song Outline: Intro x2 Verse x4 Post Verse x1 Intro x4 Verse x3 Post Verse x1 Intro x4 listen and play along with the song Tabbed by Jordan Dominguez from San Jose CA Berryesa PMS
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