All-american Rejects - Time Stands Still chords

I noticed the chords of this song were made ridicilously harder then they should 
be. So.. i tried a bit myself and i found an easier way of playing it. Hope you like it ^^

Standard Tuning

Chords used troughout the song:

C      x32010
G      320033
Am     x03330
Emi    022000

pretty easy ones if you get them right



C  G  Am (x4)


C G AmHim and her
C G AmLife is turned
C G AmThe day I knew you would leave
C C AmI can barely breathe
C GCan you hear me scream?
C G AmOoh thrown in all directions
C G AmOoh epitome of perfection
C G AmShe's lost her will (she's lost her will)
C G AmTime is standing still
C G AmWalks her home
C G AmNow he walks a-lone
C G AmThe days, they turn into years
C G AmThe eyes, they drown in tears
C GCan you hear me scream?
Repeat Chorus..:
Emi AmThe way we are, the way we were
C G It's just a shadow of what's wrong
Emi AmThe time with you, the time is stirred
GI love you for so long
Emi AmThe hearts, they turn, they turn away
C G Ami She says to go please don't you cry
G AmLove lost is found, night turns to day
Repeat Chorus...: (x2)
C G AmOoh
C G AmOoh
C G AmOoh
C G AmTime is standing still
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That's it ^^ That wasnt so hard was it?
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