All Sons And Daughters – Your Glory chords ver. 2

Key of Eb- Capo 1

G D Asus4 AMy life is Yours
G D Asus4 AMy hope is in You only
G D Asus4 AMy heart You hold
G D Asus4 A'Cause You made this sinner holy
Bm A Gholy,
Bm A G (2nd vs, ends on A)holy
G D Asus4 AYour glory is so beautiful
G D Asus4 AI fall on to my knees in awe
Bm AAnd the heartbeat of my life
GIs to worship in Your Light
G A BmYour glory is so beautiful
G A DYour glory is so beautiful
D GGlory, glory, Hallelujah
Bm GJesus You are good
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