Tattered On My Sleeve tab with lyrics by All That Remains - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

All That Remains – Tattered On My Sleeve tab

ok well i was just listening to the intro to the solo and sorta though it sounded like 
intro of not alone anyway hope it sounds goo its not the whole thing but im workin on it 
hard extremely weird anywho this is just the acoustic part

|----------------------------------------||-5555555-666-8-88-88888-555-6-66--------||-7777777-777-7-77-55555-555-5-55--------| run until end|----------------------------------------||----------------------------------------||----------------------------------------|
and i noticed that the other guy had put this:
Both sound the same i dont know just choose one you like and now this is the electric guitar 2 make sure it sounds clean and its always fun to bend a lil try it sounds pretty let sum of the notes ring
|-5(ring)-5----------8----8----------5-------||--6-5-----6-5-8-6-5--8-6--8-6-5-6-5--6-5----||--------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------| x2|--------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------|
this next part it sounds good with my amp course i had a preset so i have no idea whats it...anyway it might not sound good but it goes
thats all i got for now ill update later this is my first tab ever i did it all by ear i hope it helped sum
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