All Time Low – Return The Favor chords

loving this song off of their new album Dirty Work ... 

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It mainly works on power chords...

listen for timings
Standard Tuning 

tabbed by: SkiaMaree

INTRO(this sounds better not using chords!)---------------------------------------------------------|---------8-6---6-----------------------6-5-----------6---|---6h7-9---------9-7-7h9p7-4---4h5p4-6-----7-5---5-7-----|-----------------------------------------------5---------|---------------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------|
A7 C E D DOh no. Look what you've done.
Csus4 E C CThat's me, the victim of a hit-and-run.
Csus4 E C Csus4 EPicked up and let down you were never as you led on.
A7 C E D DYou said just friends, and no strings,
Csus4 E C CBut that leaves loose ends for all flings.
Csus4 E CGet back to old days and old flames you never let burn out.
A7 B C A7 BWon't you let me know?
A7How do I get away,
Dwhen you're beggin' me to stay?
CWhat do you need me to say?
E D C DYou're anything but ordinary.
A7 DWhat do you want me to do?
CI've given it all to you.
E D C DI wish you would return the favor.
A7 C E D DDid you forget what I said?
Csus4 E C CTrain wreck. Here we, here we go again.
Csus4 E C Csus4 EDerailed and I failed to mention I put it on the line.
A7 C E D DWhether you and me could ever be
Csus4 E C CWe'll never see, no.
Csus4 E C'Cause you keep the lights off we only do it in the dark.
A7 B C A7 BWon't you let me know?
A7 C DAre you gonna throw it all away?
A7 C DAre we gonna do this all again?
A7 CMaybe it's all pretend,
D And the game should end,
CI guess nobody wins.
A7 C D C CWon't you let me know?
CHORUS X2 okay, if there's any mistakes please comment ... hope it helps!! :)
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