All Time Low – Remembering Sunday chords ver. 2

All Time Low Remembering Sunday chords
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I know there are alot of tabs out there, but they’re not completely right. I think I was
pretty accurate, except for one chord, which is the D chord. It is a D chord, just not
that one. If any of you can figure it out, please let me know. But you can still use the 
D chord, sounds the same, but it’s an octave higher than the song. Enjoy!! :)

Tuning: Standard EADGBe (Capo 2nd fret)

Chords used:
C - x32010
Em7 - x32000
Cadd9 - x32030
Em - 022000
A7 - x02020
Am - x02210
G - 320033
D - xx0232

Intro: Em7—Em—Cadd9—A7

Verse 1:
Em7 He woke up from dreaming
Emand put on his shoes
Starting making his way
Cadd9past 2 in the morning
A7He hasn’t been sober for days
Em7 Leaning now into the breeze
DRemembering Sunday
he falls to his knees
EmThey had breakfast together
But two eggs don’t last
A7Like the feeling of what he needs
C(start palm muting)Now this place is familiar to him
DShe pulled on his hand
with a devilish grin
EmShe led him upstairs
she led him upstairs
A7Left him dying to get in
G Cadd9 Forgive me, I’m trying to find
A7My calling, I’m calling at night
I don’t mean to be a bother,
C (hold)But have you seen this girl?
G Cadd9 She’s been running through my dreams
A7And it’s driving me crazy, it seems
CI’m going to ask her to marry me
Verse 2:
C Even though she
Ddoesn’t believe in love
He’s determined to
Emcall her bluff
GWho could deny these butterflies?
EmThey’re filling his gut
C Waking the neighbors
D unfamiliar faces
EmHe pleads though he tries
GBut he’s only denied
A7Now he’s dying to get inside
(Repeat Chorus) Bridge:
Em The neighbors
Csaid she moved away
GFunny how it rained all day
I didn’t think much of it then
DBut it’s starting
to all make sense
Em(guitar distortion)Oh, I can see now that
Call of these clouds
GAre following me in
my desperate endeavor
DTo find my whoever
Gwhoever she may be
I’m not coming back, I’ve
Cdone something so terrible
I’m terrified to speak,
Ambut you’d expect that from me
I’m mixed up, I’ll be blunt now the rain is just
CWashing you out of my
Ghair and out of my mind
Keeping an eye on the world
CSo many thousands of feet off
Amthe ground, I’m over you now
I’m at home in the clouds
Ctowering over your head
Alex Gaskarth the All Time Low vocalist sang this outro:
Em(start palm muting)I guess I’ll go home now
DI guess I’ll go home now
EmI guess I’ll go home now
A7(hold)I guess I’ll go home
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