All Time Low - For Baltimore Acoustic chords

New song by All Time Low. This is my first time tabbing so I hope you like it (:
Tuning - Half Step Down  (D# G# C# F# A# D#)

C Am Made a situation overload
Em GI'm restless, obsessed with your future
C Am And all my worries they don't bother you
Em GCollected, you rendered the useless
GBut I carry on
CRight now, I think that you think that I'm
AmHalf drunk, Searching for something of
Em GSubstance, Casually dropping a line, designed,
To keep you next to me
CI can't awkwardly craft in advance
AmI know, that you wouldn't fall for that
Em GYou say "shut up and take my hand"
And we carry on (Chorus)
C AmI don't wanna say goodnight
EmThe city comes alive, when were together
GWhy can't Thursday last forever
C AmI don't wanna say goodnight
EmI've never been so sure
GJust do it for the memory
GDo it for Baltimore
Pretty much the whole song. Hope you enjoy ^-^
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