Allah-las – Seven Point Five tab

Allah-las - Seven Point Five



play this riff twice

Em A D x4 VERSE 1 Em A Took the beat of your heart D Em A D Wore around my neck Em A Take it where I go D Em A D So I don't forget Em A All the things you swore D Em A D were your's alone Em A Found out I can't get D Em A D them on my own CHORUS Em I'm gonna find her D A Anywhere I can Em Gonna get back D A To her or go insane Em D A I would love to have you by my side Em D A But I ain't gonna wait for the morning tide -solo (based on Em A D) -
/ = slide up \ = slide down h = hammer-on p= pull-off VERSE 2 (same chords) Rode up on a hill With a girl I know Said now "Listen babe Something you should know I ain't quite the guy you thought I was" Said "That's quite alright, love you just because." CHORUS (same chords) You're gonna find her Anywhere you can Gonna take me Where I never been I will love to stay on this ride 'Cause you aint gonna change with the morning tide - the solo is played in the outro as well -
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