Alley Life And Black Planet - Out With The Old In With The New tab

ok i dont know all of this song but i have worked out the main riff and the chorus and 
if you want 2 complain, do it yourself!!! :D

intro/main riff

|-----------------| |---------------------------||-----------------| |---------------------------||--4-4-4-X--------| X3 Then |--4-4-4-X---------9-9-9-9--||--4-4-4-X-4-X-5--| |--4-4-4-X-4-X-5---X-X-X-X--||--2-2-2-X-4-X-5--| |--2-2-2-X-4-X-5---7-7-7-7--||----------2-X-3--| |----------2-X-3------------|
When i know the prechorus i will update!!!
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