Allison Iraheta - Dont Waste The Pretty chords

Artist: Allison Iraheta
Song: Don't Waste The Pretty
Album: Just Like You

Tuning: Standard (EAGDBe)

C - x35553
F - 133211
A# - x13331*these are transposed a half step lower on live performances
C A#dust it off, break it down
Fget to what we're talkin about
C x2to what we're talkin about
A#don't try to hide it now
Fwhy keep on working it out?
Cyou can't keep working it out
C A#'cause i see how it's putting you down
Fi just can't be around
C x2what you doing this for?
A#'cause the light in you's starting to fade
Fdon't let it get away
Cgirl you're worth so much more
Cdon't waste the pretty on him
A#don't waste the pretty on pain
F when it gets too much to take
C x2don't give it away
don't waste the pretty on life
A#soon it's gonna fly on by
Fwhatever way you got to see
Cdon't waste the pretty
Verse: sit back and breath it in look at how lucky we are look at how lucky we are this life we're livin' in you got to follow your heart you know I'm never too far Refrain: away from the pain in your eyes i can see your disguise but it's not too late 'cause I know you can turn this around don't be scared, work it out and listen when I say Chorus Bridge:
A# Fnow just incase you need reminding
C x2well you're beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
A# Fand there ain't no use in your hiding
C x2 'cause you're beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
C don't waste the pretty, don't waste the pretty
A#don't don't don't waste the pretty, don't waste the pretty
Fdon't don't don't waste the pretty, don't waste the pretty
C-A#don't waste the pretty
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