Allman Brothers – Blue Sky tab

Intro: C-G/B-Db-F-;(2x)
     C                      G/B
When do stars fade their light?

      Bb                  F
Does the moon and the sun make it right

     C            G/B             Bb           F
For you the world maybe like an endless storm chasing a mystery


          C            G/B
Is there hate in your heart?

           Bb                        F(hold)
Does your body drop and tell you to stop

 C                   G/B
Loving you or loving me 

         Bb                          F/A 
When it all falls down you just sing with me

                 C                 G/B
Cause there's a blue sky waiting tomorrow

          Bb                     F/A
Waiting tomorrow shining and shimmering

   C               G/B               Bb             F/A 
A blue sky waiting tomorrow,waiting tomorrow maybe its all we need

Oh don't you wash away that smile

You just look out the window and see the light

Its beautiful to be alive

Its wonderful to live a life

  C                           G/B
The sun is sure to shine for you and me for everyone

    Bb                                  F/A
So dont be sad its just the start of a new beginning in your life(Chorus)

F            G        C
Rain will keep on pouring

F         G            C
Some things you cant control

F           G           C
And while the sun seems far

G/B    A G  F
and hard to hold it will unfold


      Bb                F/A
There will always be a blue sky a blue sky waiting tomorrow full of

C-G/B-Bb-Fm hooopeee yeah (Chorus) end!

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