Alt-j – Matilda tab

This is a very nice song by Alt-J, which is surprisingly simple.
Funnily enough, the intro is exactly the same as "No Surprises" from Radiohead, but 
played faster, and with more overlaid guitars. You wouldn't notice it though ...

Spoken/sang (no chords) :

This is from
This is from
This is from Matilda


Loop this 4x :e-2-------2-------2-------2---3----------|a-----3-------3-------3-----3---3--------|d---2---3---2---2---2---2----------------|g----------------------------------------|b----------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------|
Loop this 2x :e----------------------------------------|a-3-------3-------3-------3--------------|d-----4-------4-------4-------4----------|g---5---5---5---5---5---5---5---5--------|b----------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------|
Em G Bm A Just like Johnny Flynn said, 'the breath I've taken and the one I must' to Em go on. Em G Bm A Put the grenade pin in your hand, so you understand who's boss. Em G Bm A My defeat sleeps top to toe with her success. Em Oh this is from A This is from A D This is from Matilda --- G --- Em G And she needs you Bm A This is for Matilda Em G And she needs you Bm A This is for Matilda The end is just the succession of : D(x2) G A And there we have it! I must admit that the "and she needs you" sounds a bit odd, but I think its that. I think that they only strum a few of the strings in the chords. Anyway, I hope you enjoy ! Oh, and rate it if you like it (or even if you don't) !!
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