Alter Bridge - In Loving Memory Acoustic tab

Well this is the intro Mark... plays before the intro???  in the Minneapolis concert,
it's my first tab and it has tons of mistakes so feel free of correcting it and if you do
please send it to me to so i can play it better je,je,je.

This goes to my family and friends and specially to Mark Tremonti
for writing this beautiful heart-breaking song (I KNOW HE'LL NEVER READ THIS DEDICATION)

(When the hell will Alter Bridge come to Guatemala!!!!!????)

x2 play this after the second timeC#--------------------12--------------0-----|-------------------||Bb--- 10-10----10------------8--8---8----- |- 7-7-7-5-----------||F#----10-----10---10----10-- 9----9------- |- 0-0-0-0----------||C#------------------------------------------ |0-0-0-0-----------||F#------------------------------------------ |7-7-7-5-----------||C#--------------------------------------- ---|------------------||
and then play the whole song
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