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Aly And Aj – Something More tab

capo - 1st fret

this is the plucking bit that goes through the first verse and start of second (I finger this bit, can be done however i guess...)e--------0-------0---------------0----|B------3-------3---------3-----3---3--|G----2-------0---------0-----2--------|D--0-----------------0-----0----------|A----------3--------------------------|E------------------3------------------|
chords used for the verse Dm G C9 D|--0--|--2--|--2--|--2--|--||--3--|--2--|--2--|--3--|--||--2--|--0--|--0--|--2--|--||--0--|--0--|--2--|--0--|--||-----|--2--|--3--|-----|--||-----|--3--|-----|-----|--|
Dm C9 G D i didnt know what was instore. Dm C9 G D When I walked right through the door. Dm C9 G D Then I saw you over there, Dm C9 G D Dm our blue eyes locked in a stare. C9 G D Dm C9 I didn't know quite what to say, G D sometimes words get in the way.
(by the way this chours is still in relation with the capo) Verse 2 Dm C9 G D In black and white I read the screen Dm C9 G D all your lines and in-between Dm C9 G D Then your message on the phone Dm C9 G D Dm I save to hear when I'm all alone C9 G D D And Now I know just what to say C9 G D this doesn't happen everyday Chours 2 (same as chours 1) Bridge play these chords Dm C9 G D x2 (Same sort of strumming like the verse) Interlude
(pause) Chours (twice) Outro (the outro chords are the same structure as the verse and bridge) Dm C9 G D x3 and on the forth time fade out or end it how ever u want to end it Righto thats about it, and questions or corrections leave a comment or email but im pretty sure this is right Rate me!
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