Aly And Aj - Chemicals React tab

-------2-------------2---------------2---------------2-----|----0-----0-------0------0--------0------0---------0-----0-|-1------------1--------------------------------------------|-----------------------------4-----------------4-----------|-----------------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------------|Do That^ 3 x on 3rd time end ^
You make me feel out of my element Like I'm walkin' on broken glass Like my worlds spinnin' in slow motion And you're movin' too fast [Chorus] E Were you right, was I wrong B Were you weak, was I strong, yeah F# Both of us broken Caught in a moment E We lived and we loved B F# And we hurt and we joked, yeah G#m B But the planets all aligned E F# When you looked into my eyes G#m And just like that B E The chemicals react F# The chemicals react E B You make me feel out of my element G#m F# Like I'm drifting out to the sea E B Like the tides pullin' me in deeper G#m B Makin' it harder to breathe G#m B We cannot deny, how we feel inside E F# We cannot deny [Chorus] G#m Kaleidoscope of colors B Turning hopes on fire, sun is burning F# Shining down on both of us E(let ring) Donít let us lose it (donít let us lose it...) [Chorus]
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