Aly And Aj - Careful With Words tab

Aly And Aj
Careful With Words
2007 Hollywood Records
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Key: B

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
B -   x24442
F# -  244322
G#m - 466444
E -   022100
C#m - x46654

Verse 1:
B                         E
Please stop calling on my cell
I've got enough voice mails
Don't you get the picture
I don't return your
B                 E
Emails IM or your text
             A              E
Messages are getting boring fast

Aly: while Aj do the chords of verses B E A Ee|-11-|-11-|-9-|-12-|B|--0-|--0-|-0-|--0-|G|-11-|--9-|-9-|-13-|D|----|----|---|----|A|----|----|---|----|E|----|----|---|----|
Refrain: C#m E(hold) I tried to careful with my words Chorus 1: G#m E You're all over me suffocating B F# I need to breathe doorbell's ringing G#m E CD you sent won't stop singing B F# How's that for being careful with words Post Chorus: B E A E Careful, careful
Verse 2: B E No more flowers at my door A I've started to ignore E The smell of moldy petals I must confess your B E desperate to get my attention A E Shoppers we are closing please go home (Repeat Refrain and Chorus 1) Chorus 2: G#m E First I was flattered by B F# All the intention I G#m E B F# wanted to see where this would go G#m E Then you got weird on me B F# Obsessive at 3rd degree G#m E B F# Till I was ready to explode
Aly: lead while Aj doing Chorus 2e|-----------------------------|B|-----------------------------|G|-6h8-8-8-8-8-8-8-6-6---------|D|---------------------9-9-9-9-| (x8)A|-----------------------------|E|-----------------------------|
Bridge: G#m(Hold) E(hold) B(hold) None of these words have been rehearsed F#(hold) G#m(hold) I don't think they can be reversed E(hold) B F# Sadly, it's only one sided (And you are) G#m E Only a matter of time B F# G#m Before I have to confess what's on my mind E B F# I told you it wouldn't be pretty (didn't I) Solo: Aj: G#m-E-B-F# (x2)
(Repeat Chorus 1) Outro: Aj: G#m-E-B-F# (x2)
Aly:e|-----------------------|B|---0-4-2--0--0-0-0-4-2-|G|-1---------------------|D|-----------------------| (x2)A|-----------------------|E|-----------------------|
(Repeat Chorus 1)
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