Am Radio – Taken For A Ride tab

------------------TAKEN FOR A RIDE - AM Radio------------
Album: Radioactive 
Released: Jul 1, 2003
Track: #2/13

Tabbed by: david

yea yea yea the whole song isnt here but i dont have time to finish it
right now so ill do it later.

Tuning:EADGBe - standard

intro/verse - guitar 1 (after the second time, guitar 2 plays the same thing)e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-2--55--77--99-------------------------------------------------------------|D|-2--55--77--99-------------------------------------------------------------|A|-0--33--55--77-------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
prechorus - both guitars
chorus - both guitars
it may not be perfect, but with this you can figure most of the song... I'll write the solo out later | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note =============================================================================== lyrics lets go! just met a pornstar, she is an actress. because in real life, she wont admit this. she doesnt want anyone to know, so she pretends shes someone else. but i found her out anyway, after she told me that she has a byfriend. had enough, had enough, had enough of this stuff, of this stuff, of this stuff. and im sure that you dont really mind, that your takin me for one hell of a ride yeah. he is a manager, in showbiz. he said i'd be a star, but now whats this? he stopped returning all my calls, when i couldnt make him anymore. money it changes everything, when he said that i'd always be a superstar had enough, had enough, had enough of this stuff, of this stuff, of this stuff. and im sure that you dont really mind, that your takin me for one hell of a ride. your takin me for a ride (2x) for a ride
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