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Date: Sun, 5 Oct 1997 16:19:36 -0400
From: Adam Klein 
Subject: CRD: I'll Be Okay - Amanda Marshall

Song: I'll Be Okay
Singer: Amanda Marshall

Album: "My Best Friends Wedding" Soundtrack

Chorded by: Adam Klein
Homepage: The Ultimate Amanda Marshall Homepage

I'll Be Okay
Amanda Marshall

Capo: 2nd

Intro: A

A            D
It 92s time to let you go
D	         A
It's time to say goodbye

A	        D
There's no more excuses

D             A
No more tears to cry

A		     Bm
There's been so many changes

Bm       A
I was so confused

A                      D
All along you were the one

D                    A
All the time I never knew

A                Bm  A
I want you to be happy

Your my best friend

A                           Bm
But it's so hard to let you go now

All that could have been

A                    Bm
I'll always have the memories

She'll always have you

A                 Bm
Fate has a way of changing

Bm                          A
Just when you don't want it to

A     Bm       A
Throw away the chains

A   Bm       A
Let love fly away

A     Bm  A     D
Till love comes again

A    Bm A
I'll be okay

A              Bm
Life passes so quickly

You gotta take the time

A			    Bm
Or you'll miss what really matters

You'll miss all the signs

A 		   Bm
I've spent my life searching

For what was always there

A		     Bm
Sometimes it will be too late

Sometimes it won't be fair

Repeat Chorus

A            Bm
I won't give up

Bm           A
I won't give in

A       Bm            A               Bm
I can't recreate what just might have been

A                         Bm
I know that my heart will find love again

Bm                 A
Now is the time to begin

Repeat Chorus

A    D  A
I'll be okay
A    D  A
I 92ll be okay
Bm              A
I can't hold on forever baby

Bm              A
I can't hold on forever baby

Bm              A
I can't hold on forever baby

A    Bm A
I'll be okay
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