Amanda Marshall - Trust Me This Is Love tab

This song sounds best played acoustic, using finger picking - use your thumb and two (or
fingers to pull up on the strings for each of these "chords".

This tab is the bare-bones basic version of the song - just get comfortable with it and
add some embellishments (hammer-ons between chords, etc) - there's no point in tabbing
exactly the way the song is performed because the small embellishments change each 
But the basic structure obviously stays the same.

I didn't calculate the exact timing of the chords here - I just spaced the chords out to
line up with the words. Anyways, play the first few bars and you'll get the idea.

*Capo on 2nd Fret
**At R, repeat from Beginning


(first time) (second time)e:-x---x---x---x---x---x---x-|---x--------x--R||-------x----x-|B:-8---7---5---3---5---3---0-|---x-----0--x--R||-----0-x----x-|G:-0---0---0---0---0---0---0-|---0-0-0----2--R||--000--2--0-0-|D:-x---x---x---x---x---x---x-|---2--------0--R||-------0----0-|A:-7---5---3---2---3---x---x-|---x--------x--R||-------x----x-|E:-x---x---x---x---x---2---0-|-0-0--------2--R||-0-----2----3-|
Verses: The verses just keep repeating this structure. Again, get comfortable with the basic and then add some embellishments.
I look at this.. So many heartaches.. And I can't.. Other side?e:-x--------------|-x-------------------|-(2)---------|-x-----x----|B:-0--------------|-1-------------------|--3----------|-1-----0----|G:-0--------------|-0-------------------|--2----------|-0-----0----|D:-x--------------|-x-------------------|--0----------|-x-----x----|A:-x--------------|-3-------------------|--x----------|-3-----x----|E:-3--------------|-x-------------------|--x----------|-x-----3----|
To lead into the chorus she uses something close to the following:
I'll Tell you something to help.. ..long dark nighte:-x---x-----------x--------|---x-----|--2-----3----5----|B:-3---3-----------3--------|---3-----|--3-----3----3----|G:-2---0-----------0--------|---0-----|--x-----x----x----|D:-0---x-----------x--------|---x-----|--0-----0----0----|A:-x---3-----------2--------|---3-----|--x-----x----x----|E:-x---x-----------x--------|---x-----|--x-----x----x----|
CHORUS: Same tab as Intro. That's pretty much it - it's a repetitive song and you get the idea - I'm sure there are variations but I'm not going to go through the whole thing - you can play it all by the basic parts above.
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