Amanda Palmer – Makin Whoopee chords

Amanda Palmer  cover
Ella Fitzgerald - Makin Whoopee
Tabbed by Kate
Notes: I tabbed this song on my Ukulele so that I could hear the Gm chord in the 
bridge the way she plays it.
I tabbed the Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman duet version from their album "An 
Evening With Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer"

For Ukulele: Gm

A--------3 E--------4C--------5G--------5
For Guitar: Gm
E---------3B---------3G---------3D---------5A---------5 E---------3
Intro: C F C F C F G
C FAnother bride Another June
C FAnother sunny honeymoon
C FAnother season, another reason
C F GFor makin' whoopee
C FA lot of shoes, a lot of rice
C FThe groom is nervous he answers twice
C FIt's really killin' that he's so willin'
C F GTo make whoopee
Gm CPicture a little love nest
Gm CDown where the roses cling
Gm CPicture the same sweet love nest
F GThink what a year can bring
C FHe's washing dishes and baby clothes
C FHe's so ambitious he even sews
C FBut don't forget folks that's what you get folks
C F GFor makin' whoopee
C FAnother year or maybe less
C FWhat's this I hear? Well can't you guess?
C FShe fells neglected and he's suspected
C F GOf makin' whoopee
C FShe sits alone most every night
C FHe doesn't phone her he doesn't write
C FHe says he's busy but she say's "is he?"
C F GHe's makin' whoopee
Gm CHe doesn't make much money
Gm COnly five thousand per
Gm CSome judge who thinks he's funny
F GSays you'll pay six to her
C FHe says now judge suppose I fail
C FThe judge says budge right into jail
C FYou better keep her I think it's cheaper
C F CThan makin' whoopee
Great song! Enjoy!
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