Amanda Seyfried – Amandas Love Song chords ver. 2

Capo on 2nd fret!

G D C, Please won't you stay
D Gbe buried away
D C slightest symphony
G D Call birds still sing
D GThey’ve composed their sins
D Cand sleep throughout the day
chorus: C without ring finger D the morning light
G Dis shining away
Cadd9 D Gand the fire heals the pain
C w.o.r.f Di sat in quiet
G Da burning desire
C D G Din a world too young to see
G D Cchildren will play
D Geach dying day
D Cwe'll still be running away
D Gwe'll still be running away
D C D Gwe'll still be running away
It's definitely right, and its her original, so the only version is on youtube. really. the other tabbed versions on here are off.
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