Amber Pacific - Fall Back Into My Life Acoustic chords version 1



A - D - F#m - D


A E I know it's not enough to say I'm wrong
F#mYou know that I will miss you now you're gone
DI know it's not your life to see this through
AJust know that in my heart, it beats for you
ESo leave a little note for me behind
F#m I swear I have to know the reasons why
D E This won't survive
F#m DBut if you fall back into my life
A E D I'd spend every night waking up to the beat I hear inside
A ETelling me to be your only one
F#m DBut if you fall back into my life
A E DI promise you I would never let another day just pass us by
A EI could never leave this world undone
EI want to be your only one
INTRO (x1)
A And now it's not the same with you away
EJust holding onto hope to save my days
F#m D EI won't survive
F#m D ESo just stay with me tonight, and try
CHORUS (x1) INTERLUDE: A - D - F#m - E A - D - F#m - E - D - (E) CHORUS (x1)
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