If I Fall chords with lyrics by Amber Pacific - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Amber Pacific – If I Fall chords

Intro: D-F#m-E--(x2)

Verse 1:
D F#m E This is for the ones who believe
their lives won't change
DHoping then someday things
F#m Ewill mend and be the same
D F#m And this is for the ones who have
Elost it all and all that's left to gain
D F#m Is a simple reminder that the
Ethings that were blind to slip away...
D E How can I say... Say I'll be okay...
A F#m And if I fall through these
Edays that go by without
A F#mcause Just a painful mistake
D E has left me here on my own
A F#m And if I fall through these
Enights I can't seem to go
A F#mon Just a sign that you're with
D Eme gives me the strength to hold on
Post Chorus: F#m-A-D-E Verse 2:
F#m Now that the lines been broken
A D I'm too afraid to just look back
EThe pages have left an empty space
F#mYou were all I had
AWhy does it have to be this way
DThese things they'll never change
Still I'm left with knowing
Econtent and happy, this is all I need...
(Repeat Chorus) Interlude: G--A-F#m-E--A-F#m-D-E (Repeat Chorus) Outro: G--A(hold)
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