Here We Stand chords with lyrics by Amber Pacific for guitar and ukulele @ Guitaretab

Amber Pacific – Here We Stand chords

Verse 1:

Eaddb4 BHere we stand again
Another day has passed us
Eaddb4 BWith it's lack of change
Eaddb4 BAnd all we have is what we share
Eaddb4 BAnd all we want is someone else to be there
Chorus 1 (just guitar 2):
B C#mAnd if the sun will set tonight
Eaddb4 Hold our secrets up to the sky
C#mAs our shadows grow there's nothing lefty to hide
B C#m And if you ever doubt
Eaddb4 You will know that I still wonder
C#m BHow many times did I compare the stars to your eyes?
Chorus 2 (guitar 2 only):
B Eaddb4 C#mWe will make it through
Eaddb4 No matter the cost we've gone this far
C#m BWhy not find out how it works out for you and me
Eaddb4 C#mWe'll make it through
I thought we were lost
Eaddb4 C#mBut somehow we haven't found a way
BAnd I hope that we never do
Verse 2 (guitar 1 picking same as before, guitar 2 palm-muted): Eaddb4 B Eaddb4 It's hard to get to understand
B Eaddb4 BWhen all your lives are in our hands
Eaddb4 BAnd don't stop when you've never been closer
Eaddb4 BJust 'cause you don't know what matters most
Eaddb4 B Eaddb4 So it won't always be so clearly right in front of us (Chorus 1&2)
B...And I hope that we never do
E B C#mNever do
Bridge (just guitar 2):
B EDoesn't really matter how it all began
Eaddb4 E C#mGot this far without knowing who we truly are
I will never doubt that (Chorus 2)
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